About Blueberries

Depending on where you are located you may think of Blueberries in three different ways. Wild Blueberries are found a lot in the Northeast, especially in the state of Maine. The plants grow close to the ground and if you have ever raked or scooped blueberries you probably think of Wild Blueberries.

If you live in the South, you may be used to the Rabbit Eye Blueberry. Growing on fairly tall bushes these blueberries find the states of Florida and Louisiana to be a good home. They are able to grow in the less seasonal conditions and soil types of this area of the county.

Here at Canter-Berry Farms in Washington State we raise Cultivated Highbush Blueberries. Highbush Blueberries have approx. 30 to 50 different varieties that are common in growing areas throughout the United States. Each region may also have varieties that grow especially well under those particular conditions. Generally stated, Blueberries like an acidic soil. Many Blueberry farms are located in old peat bogs or lake bottoms. Do not think Blueberries like standing water. The plants must have drainage and as long as irrigation is available they do very well on a sandy loam type soil.

At Canter-Berry Farms we raise 8 different varieties. Planted in 1947 even at over 50 years of age our plants still thrive. The size of the different varieties ranges from the end of your little finger to a little larger than the end of your thumb. Flavors go from bland to sweet to tart. We even have one that tastes a little spicy! If you have tried Blueberries before and didn't like them, don't be hesitant to try another variety because there is one for everybody. Oh and if you haven't ever tried a fresh Blueberry and only think they taste like the imitation flavor candies, are you in for a treat!!!

Just a little more about the plants. If you are looking for an excellent landscape plant, consider a Blueberry bush. During dormant season the bushes are without their leaves. They are not with out color because, again dependent on the variety, branches may be red or gold. As Spring arrives and blossoms open Our field looks much like a snowstorm covered it. The flowers are a brilliant white, similar to a Lily of the Valley. Summer of course provides you with fresh fruit and the combination of the greenery of the bush contrasted by the rich blue of the berry clusters. Fall is not to be out done by the other seasons. Blueberry bushes turn a brilliant red. Each variety has a different hue and placed next to each other looks as if it afire one ember hotter than the next.

Enjoy Our Blueberries!!

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