We will be open Friday and Saturday this week 10 am until 4pm.

According to old Irish lore, to catch a leprechaun and thus their "pot o gold" use for bait a bottle of Blueberry Wine or feed them some White Chocolate Blueberry Bark.

To help with your hunt we have available our Blueberry Wine and a new shipment of Blueberry Chocolates to go with it. In addition, we have our Blueberry teas and some new additions to our Hand Painted Blueberry Design Polish Pottery collection!

If you can't make it at those times call and make an appointment so we can greet you!

See you soon!
Clarissa and Doug

CANTER-BERRY FARMS is a small friendly blueberry farm 8 miles southeast of Auburn in the upper Green River Valley under the shadow of Mt. Rainier and a little more than a stone's throw from Puget Sound. Our farm, which was homesteaded in the 1870's, has been family owned since 1954. In 1975, we, the second generation, begain operating CANTER-BERRY FARMS. In 1983, we began selling our delicious blueberry products at Seattle's Pike Place Market where they became famous for their quality, freshness and true blueberry flavor.

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